Gas Grill, Gas Light, and Gas Fireplace Repair in Houston, Texas. We are lighting the way for all your needs with these Services.

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If you have any of the issues with the items below then give us a call.

  • Dirty Grill?
  • Uneven Flames On Your Gas Lamps?
  • Gas Fire Places That Wont Start?

Tru-Lite Gas Products can help! With over 25 years of experience, Tru-Lite Technicians are knowledgeable and skilled in the service, maintenance, and installation of various gas products and brands.

These photos above offer a look at what we see when we go out on service calls. Our Professionally Trained Technician Staff Offer the Following Services:

  • Grill Cleaning and Trouble Shooting of Main Components
  • Exterior Gas Light Cleaning and Trouble Shooting of Main Components
  • Fireplace Cleaning and Troubleshooting of Main Components
  • Installation of Gas Grills whether Freestanding, Built In, or Post Mounted
  • Installation of Exterior Gas Lighting
  • Installation of Gas Logs, Vented and Non Vented Fireplace Boxes, and Direct Vent Fireplaces

What does each Service Provide you with?

Each Service we provide offers a different approach to the item being serviced. Take a look at some of the Forms Below and go over what we do in each service we provide. You will find a Price of service for all the work we do. Feel free to check out our YouTube Account for good pointers on every day maintenance and general knowledge of your products.

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